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  A Step Forward In Simplicity Of Use 

Requires No Tuning 

Produces Repeatable Sound  

Threaded Assembly 

Requires Less Air 


Classic Double


Pardi Calls Instagram

John B - Sacramento, Ca 02/11/2021

One of the easiest blowing speck calls  that I have had the pleasure of using. I belong to a group of pretty serious goose hunters, and as always, we are constantly trying to improve our game. When one of my partners recently purchased one of your calls, I gave it a shot. Not long after I decided to add it to my lanyard. 

Pardi Mallard Calls - 2020 (2).JPG

Roger C - Tennessee 08/16/2021

Without a doubt the best money I have ever spent on a duck call. The workmanship and the sound is absolutely unheard of. Just fabulous inall respects. Thanks for such a quality product. The next one I order can you please sign and date for me.

Jeff G. - Warren Oregon 01/26/2021

This winter a couple college buddies and myself treated ourselves to a hunt at Eagle Lakes in Eastern Washington. We had a fantastic hunt. I really liked the sound of the guides call. It was soft, loud, and had a nice chuckle. I asked our guid who made the call. He said Pardi. Later that night I did a quick google search and found your website. Long story short...last weekend I used my own Pardi single reed mallard call on the Lower Columbia. One day was freezing and the next day it rained the whole day and the call performed flawlessly and sounded as good as a call possibly can sound with me operating it. Thank you for the great product.  I showed it to my brother, he was skeptical because of the aluminum, but he loved the sound and the threaded barrel too.

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