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Pardi Pro Staff

Pardi Duck Calls / Kevin Azzopardi / Product Quality Control / Pro Staff
flying mallard duck drake isolated on wh

Kevin Azzopardi

 Product Quality Control

Kevin and his dad (Paul Azzopardi) have worked together for years perfecting Pardi Duck Calls.  Kevin knew hunting would be his passion from the first family trip to the Sutter, California area when he was a small child.  Since then he has spent countless hours working on the Pardi sound.  It's because of that demand for consistent, repeatable performance, he personally inspects the tuning of each and every single call that leaves the facility.  Eventually the Azzopardis planted their roots in Yuba-Sutter and Kevin has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be part of the local sportsman community and to be able to provide a product he and his family are proud of, a product that he has had success with for many years past and many years to come. 

Kevin believes that there can be no compromise when it comes to quality, sound and customer satisfaction. So stop by a show and say, "Hi"or come by the shop to pick up a call and Kevin will make sure you leave with the confidence that you'll be callin' em in the next time you and yours gear up and head out.

Pardi Duck Calls / Jason Cline / Pardi Pro Staff / Pardi On!
flying mallard duck drake isolated on wh

Jason Cline

(Pictured here with his father Wes on the right)

Pro Staff

Jason has been a friend of the Azzopardi family for many years.  He grew up as a hunting and outdoors enthusiast, setting out on countless adventures with his dad. In the beginning, few of those adventures included waterfowl.  Soon enough though, Jason became friends with a group that would include Kevin Azzopardi and before you knew it, he was a fixture in the blind.  This gave Jason exclusive access to the process of  developing Pardi Calls into what it is today.  You could say he was literally on the research and development team that provided the most important data needed: in-field trials and feedback.  As a hard worker in and out of the field, devoted husband and father and long time friend of the Pardi Calls family, it was a no-brainer that he would be part of the team and his great sense of humor, experience and knowledge of the outdoors makes us glad he finally realized it too! 



Pardi On Jason!

Pardi Duck Calls / Taylor Liles / Pardi Pro Staff / Pardi On!
flying mallard duck drake isolated on wh

Taylor Liles

Pro Staff

To say Taylor enjoys the outdoors would be an understatement. Born and raised in a family of dedicated sportsmen, Taylor grew up hunting Central California for upland waterfowl and big game. At fifteen, waterfowl all but took over and has been an enormous passion ever since. Taylor's stomping grounds cover the refuges from Kern County to the Oregon Border and over the last ten years he has shifted his focus to Specklebelly and White Geese keeping him busy in California but also bringing him over the border into Canada as well.. We have been on Taylor's radar since he arrived with his good friend Cody, our first contest winner. We are more than excited to have Taylor on board.


A word from Taylor himself


"I am a true believer in Pardi Calls group and I'm sure you will be too!

Pardi On!"

Pardi Duck Calls / Stuart Hall / Pardi Pro Staff / Pardi On!
flying mallard duck drake isolated on wh

Stuart Hall

Pro Staff

Stuart Hall is another native of Yuba City and a lover of all things outdoors since he was a child. On any given day, you're likely to find Stuart, well it's not always that easy to find him because he could be out for big game, fishing, hunting squirrels, or shooting ducks anywhere from California to Oklahoma. Stuart's other passion is a trait that we love to see in our pro-staffers and that's his drive to pass his secrets and handing them down to his own children. When you meet Stuart, his love of waterfowl hunting will be obvious. He loves to share stories about working and finishing birds and about the outdoors in general. He demands the best from his equipment and he came here to let us know, that's what he considers Pardi Calls and he wants to help us spread the word. Stuart is a great ambassador of the sport and a great addition to the team.

Pardi On Stuart!

flying mallard duck drake isolated on wh

Colby Cowan

Pro Staff

Joining the team just in time to close out 2019, our newest pro-staff member, Rio Linda native Colby Cowan is ready to Pardi On! Colby has been hunting the area from Riego Road to Williams with his dad since he was 13 and is now managing a 1600 acre duck club. Colby squeezes in time to fish bass, striper, cat fish and salmon when he can. Colby was in search of a different kind of company that treated members and customers like family so he jumped at the chance to join the team and Pardi Duck Calls is happy to have him on board.

Pardi On Colby!

Pardi Duck Calls / Stephanie Azzopardi Halloran / Pardi Pro Staff / Pardi On!
flying mallard duck drake isolated on wh

Stephanie Azzopardi-Halloran

Event Organizer

Stephanie was born on a Thursday and spent that Saturday in the blind.  Quite literally raised in and around the life, Stephanie is  the force behind getting the Pardi name and values to everyone in search of high quality game calls designed and manufactured by her father here in the USA.  She is the dynamic personality at our trade show events and she will always welcome you with a smile and warmth that will make you feel like part of the family.  So come by and say hello to Stephanie when Pardi Calls attends an event near you!


Pardi Pro Staff at the Sacramento Sportsman's Expo

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